How it Works

It's been said that the "simplest solution is very often the best solution." That notion wasn't lost on the folks at Mark-A-Hydrant. That's why our product is not only extraordinarily effective, but extremely simple.

The installation of this product is really self-explanatory -- as you can see from the pictures at the right -- but here are the steps: 

  1. Have an authorized individual remove the cap(s) from the hydrant (either the "hose connection," or "pumper" caps) .
  2. Place the appropriate color and size reflector over the exposed threads.
  3. Replace the cap and re-tighten.

It's really that simple -- and takes no more than a minute or two per hydrant.

Oh...there is one more step...marvel at how easy it is to spot hydrants at night!!! 


Alternate Installation

For some, finding hydrants presents additional challenges, due to landscape. We suggest these alternative mounting solutions pictured below.


sign post

Sign Post

galvanized pole

Galvanized Pole

fence post

Fence Post