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Mark-A-Hydrant® products are currently offered in two sizes -- to match the standard sizes for the Hose and Pumper connections -- and four standard colors. It is also available by special order in virtually any size and a variety of colors. Additionally, we can provide asset tags, or silkscreen onto the markers.

Our product was carefully designed to take into account several very important factors:
  • Visibility

    Very high intensity prismatic reflective film has been used. Hydrants are visible at night, from great distances. Check out what customers have to say in the testimonials!
  • Identification

    Our patented Maltese Cross shape allows Mark-A-Hydrant® to clearly distinguish hydrants from other reflective shapes.
  • Flow Rate

    Our standard color offerings are in accordance with NFPA 291 to instantly identify flow rate.
    • Blue - 1500+ GPM
    • Green - 1000 - 1499 GPM
    • Orange - 500 - 999 GPM
    • Red - <500 GPM
  • Installation

    Remove the cap, place the marker over the threads, re-tighten cap -- they literally install in seconds!
  • Interference

    Firefighters do not have to spend time removing our product before they can fight a fire.
  • Durability

    From the heat of the Louisiana Bayou to the cold of Canada, our markers have stood the test of time.
  • Value

    Our product offers a value in the market place. There is no other hydrant marker that provides Mark-A-Hydrant's level of benefits for the price.