Our product was carefully designed to take into account several very important factors.


  • Visibility – Very high intensity prismatic reflective film has been used. Hydrants are visible at night, from great distances. Check out the testimonials!
  • Identification – Our patented Maltese Cross shape allows Mark-A-Hydrant® to clearly distinguish hydrants.
  • Flow Rate -  Our standard color offerings are in accordance with NFPA 291 to instantly identify flow rate.
    • Blue - 1500+ GPM
    • Green - 1000 - 1499 GPM
    • Orange - 500 - 999 GPM
    • Red - <500 GPM

  • Installation - No special tools required and they install in seconds – literally!
  • Interference – Firefighters do not have to spend time removing our product before they can fight a fire.
  • Value – Our product offers a value in the market place. There is no other hydrant marker that provides Mark-A-Hydrant’s level of benefits for the price.


The product is currently offered in two standard sizes (to match the standard sizes for the Hose and Pumper connections) and four standard colors, but is available by special order in virtually any size and a variety of colors.